2022 Mission: Me!

When was the last time …

you dedicated time to your health, to really step into building a few healthy habits?

Suffering a food hangover?

Severe bloating and other effects caused by eating an excess of unhealthy and/or starchy foods.

Remedy? Shred10

Who wants to take a few days and

focus on the habits that can improve your health?

We’ll add

whole foods, including lots of veggies and fruit, water, better sleep habits, some daily movement, and a lot of fun!

It’s simple. For 10 days we’ll add in

more of the good, and crowd out some of the not so good

And the simplest change of all

Is adding in Juice Plus+ capsules and shakes!

Add in delicious smoothies

Plant based and truly delicious! Chocolate or Vanilla … Hit me up for a sample!

Look at all this can do for you!

Supports cardiovascular wellness, immune system function, healthy lung function, healthy skin and gums, vision*, brain function*, plant based, gluten free, and non-GMO!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Poke around anonymously. Check out the pricing. It’s one of the best deals out there. Definitely comparison shop!

Here’s my Juice Plus+ Website

First time in company history!

When Juice Plus+ Partners ask for something, the company listens! We asked for a New Year Special, and here it is!

2022 Mission: Me!

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