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Willpower & Discipline … Ugh!

First, let’s talk about change. It’s hard! By the time we’re 50 and older, we’re darned stuck in our ways, right?! In order to make changes last, we have to learn about how to effectively use discipline and willpower. In his book, The One Thing, Gary Keller says what we need is a new habit, […]

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Journal Through Life Changes

This month I was the author of a feature article in Evolving Magazine. I’d love for you to read it here: http://www.evolvingmagazine.com/#!journal-through-lifes-transitions/croj

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Self-care Saturday – Brain Care!

Keeping your brain young and vibrant is an excellent way to practice self-care. Today I’m combining it with the gadgets in our lives. Do you want to put a positive spin on this fast-paced world of technology?Every time you turn around, it’s something new: New applications, changed applications, new operating systems, smart televisions, smart phones […]

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