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Good health is serious business, right? But, nothing will get in the way of good health like worrying and stressing out about it! I meet each client where they are and together we decide the next step.

Why me?

When you hire me to be your health coach you get the life experience and education that I bring to each session!


Receive Tips, Recipes, Event Invitations … I promise not to slam your inbox!

Receive Tips, Recipes, Event Invitations … I promise not to slam your inbox!

My Story

I’ve always had an interest in health, but in 2009 I committed to getting healthy and that was when I found my passion … a passion for sharing how to make one simple change at a time!

I had a good reason to be paying attention. I watched my mother wither away with Congestive Heart Failure (Coronary Heart Disease) and had a grandfather and uncle who both died of heart attacks before their 57th birthday. I was already older than that! In 2006 I lost my husband to a major stroke. He was 63! It was critical that I change my lifestyle!

So, I studied, worked at it and got healthy. As I learned how one simple change at a time leads to a healthy lifestyle, I realized I wanted to support others on their journey. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition earning certification as a Holistic Health Coach in 2011. I learned so much more there! It’s not just about food and exercise; It’s about balance. I have never looked back!

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Please reach out to request more information or to schedule your FREE health consultation.

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