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As a Certified Holistic Health Coach it’s my honor to share ways to create a healthy lifestyle, and the importance of healthy living, with as many people as possible. If your group is looking for a wellness presentation, look no further!

What They’re Saying:
“Thank you for sharing your time & your knowledge with our AdventHealth Shawnee Mission community! It has been a joy to work with you! –C.R.
“I thoroughly enjoyed both classes … I found Nancy to be very inspirational!!”Betty B.
“I really liked the class and wish it had been longer!”Joy C.
“Nancy’s passion for health is contagious!”Maralie E.
“It was a great program and our people really enjoyed it!” – Pat F.
“Excellent program! Great presenter!” – Anne N.

Wellness Presentations
I am an energetic, knowledgeable wellness educator and love having the opportunity to speak to businesses, church groups, associations, networking groups … any group or organization that’s interested in improving the health and vitality of their members. Please consider passing on your recommendation, along with this list of topics, to anyone that you think might be interested. (I’m happy to create custom presentations as well!)

One Simple Change
How can making one simple change impact your health and wellness? Think of it like depositing money into a savings account. Small deposits add up to a nice balance at the end of the year. It’s true of simple lifestyle changes as well. Don’t tackle everything all at once, instead try one thing each month. Nancy shares monthly ideas for different simple changes you can add into your lives that will help you create the healthy lifestyle you want to achieve.

Sugar, Cravings and Emotional Eating
The best laid plans are often waylaid ​by a seemingly uncontrollable craving for something sweet or salty. Typically we meet these cravings with junk food: ​ice cream, candy bars, cookies and cake for the sweet tooth, quickly followed up by chips or French fries ​for the salty fix. This interactive presentation gives attendees tools that teach them how to get through cravings easily. This presentation is a great way to support other health initiatives!

Journaling: The Write Way to Wellness
Learning how to develop the habit of journaling, without the stress of worrying what to write, will bring attendees a new awareness of what leads them to making both unhealthy and healthy choices, how they let stress impact their lives (and their health). Participants learn how to find time to put pen to paper, leave with a notebook and pen … I enjoy taking that excuse away!

Senior Wellness
In this class we delve into the importance of whole foods and how to easily prepare healthy meals for one or two people. I also talk about how to incorporate movement into their days. I love teaching this because most of the participants are open about asking questions and we end up having a lively discussion!

Building a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle
This program focuses on adding in good food, exercise and mental well-being practices using a step-by-step approach. Through interaction with the audience, we discover ways to make healthy choices fit into the participants’ busy lives. This can be presented as a one-session overview or an intensive four-session program with greater focus on each aspect: Food, Exercise, and Mental Well-Being.

Workplace Wellness
Wellness at work benefits both the employee and the employer with increased productivity and decreased sick days. Join us to learn key health and wellness techniques that support both men and women in reducing workplace stress through relaxation techniques and healthy eating.

4-Weeks to Wellness
This class was developed for the workplace and is designed to give employees much more than an overview. Each week is designed to hold the participants’ attention by including different facets of health in shorter segments including healthy eating, movement and mental well-being. Each session includes quality snacks that are illustrated and easy to make, a weekly giveaway, and time permitting, one session will be a lunchtime field trip to the nearest grocery store for a tour. At the last class students receive a food journal and a cookbook.


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