Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
In our work together we will focus on the whole you: how everything in your life impacts your health. So, there will be conversations about relationships, career, community and there will be conversations about food and exercise. You are the pilot of our sessions!

One-on-One Coaching
This is where the real magic happens! Together we discover what is holding you back from achieving your dreams of better health. The process is managed using a step-by-step process allowing you to integrate change at your pace.

Research shows that with the support of a health coach you will be able to achieve the goals you’ve set and make the changes needed to improve your health… Working with a coach improves overall results. Results are critical to your health!

But don’t take my word for it. Read of few of the testimonials to find out what others are saying.

We meet in a relaxing environment (either in my office in downtown Overland Park, Kansas, or for even greater convenience we can schedule phone calls), typically twice a month. You determine the number of sessions based on how comfortable you feel in moving forward with your plan. Some clients come for three months and others for nine months to a year.

Ready to get started? Just click here to fill out the relevant form, submit and I’ll contact you to set up an initial consultation where I’ll get a clear picture of your past experiences with diets and an overall idea of how your health has changed over time. Then we develop a plan for your future success. Initial consult (1-1.5 hours) Follow-up sessions (30-45 minutes)

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In my groups, I offer a new approach to mind, body, and lifestyle modifications that encourages you to make changes in a step-by-step manner that typically leads to those changes lasting a lifetime.

(As an alternative to face-to-face, I run groups with participants from all over via teleconferencing. It’s simple to participate in. I send you an email with the phone number and access code, you call in at the scheduled time, and group begins!)

Because you are treated as an individual, no two groups are alike. What is alike is that you learn how to make healthy choices, one step at a time so that you are comfortable with the changes you are making.

Having accountability partners and cheerleaders can make all the difference!

I offer you the opportunity put together a group of 5-8 people with similar goals. You won’t all be making the same changes at the same time, or in the same way, but you will all be altering your lifestyles in one way or another, and that’s where the support comes in. When you build your own group the synergy and support is amplified.

I love facilitating groups and am inspired by the tips, support and assistance that group members give each other.

We will cover topics that address overall health goals along with there being time for individual issues that come up in the course of our time together.

What Can You Expect?
How about results? Would you like to lose weight? Get healthier? Be free of those aches and pains? Would you like to reduce or eliminate asthma, allergies or arthritis? I’m can’t guarantee any result, but if you follow most of the recommendations, you are bound to feel better as your body changes.

Each person is different, and my goal is to find the set of behaviors that will give each person the best result.

Here’s what I do know: Every client that has followed my guidelines has had more energy and felt better and many have lost weight. I know that most people come to a health coach to lose weight, but I want even more for you: As your body changes over time I want you to have the tools to make positive changes in your habits for the rest of your life.

Changing your lifestyle to include healthier choices can be overwhelming and trying to fit new things into your busy schedule is exhausting, but in my groups, participants learn how to make change work in their busy lives. And when they have trouble, we figure out why and then we fix it.